2 Reason Why Andy Reid offers support for assistant-turned-rival Sean McDermott amid criticism

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has been heavily scrutinized this week after an article that McDermott perceived as a hurtful attack on his character. The article, which revealed that McDermott once used the 9/11 hijackers as an example of people who worked together toward a common goal, has led to many questions about whether McDermott is the right man for his job.

e man who’s preparing to coach against McDermott, however, is vouching for him.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who will face McDermott on Sunday, also was McDermott’s boss for a decade: McDermott was an Eagles assistant for 10 years while Reid was the Eagles’ head coach. Reid was asked if he reached out to McDermott this week, and said he did not, but he said he unequivocally supports McDermott.

“None of us talk during the week. That’s just how it goes. We’re all so busy doing our thing. I can just tell you Sean McDermott is a heck of a human being. That’s what I do know,” Reid said
The long article about McDermott by Tyler Dunne on GoLongTD.com reportedly will not affect McDermott’s job status. But what could affect McDermott’s status is failing to rally his team. Unfortunately for Reid, the best statement McDermott’s team could make would be to beat the Chiefs on Sunday.