Kate Middleton suffered a wardrobe malfunction pic


Kate Middleton is one of the best-dressed royals today. She manages to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional and her fashion sensibilities are always on point. She manages to make a statement with every look and doesn’t hesitate from repeating her outfits, setting sustainable fashion standards for good.



Though the Duchess of Cambridge always dresses moderately, her clothes don’t always cooperate. She has experienced multiple wardrobe malfunctions but has always managed to handle them gracefully and like a pro!



Kate Middleton suffered a wardrobe malfunction
The wind has been Catherine’s greatest enemy so far, giving her multiple Marilyn Monroe moments to deal with. Back in October 2018 when Catherine attended Princess Eugeine’s wedding, a gust of wind lifted her candy pink dress. But the mother-of-three calmly kept her dress down!



 Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction while she took to India



On the Royal tour when Prince William and Kate Middleton took to India and Bhutan in 2016, Kate had another moment with the wind when it lifted up her white maxi dress as they paid homage to soldiers. Kate had to hold her dress down to prevent it from flying too high, giving way to yet another wardrobe malfunction.
Kate Middleton suffered a wardrobe malfunction 4


Wind has certainly not been Kate’s best friend. On her trip to Australia, Kate had the first of her two malfunctions with yet another dress flying up. Yet again, Middleton held down this blue and white number to stop her from involuntarily flashing everyone.



Kate Middleton suffered a wardrobe malfunction
For the second time during the trip, Kate suffered another malfunction but with her footwear! While she and Prince William were strolling through the vineyard, the Duchess stumbled for a minute because of her wedges, before catching herself.



Having yet another issue with her shoes, on St. Patrick’s Day in 2013 Kate’s heel got stuck in a grate. She held on to Prince William’s hand as she set her foot free by wiggling it through and went about her duties as if nothing happened.



Kate Middleton suffered a wardrobe malfunction
Clearly, Catherine’s grace isn’t just limited to her demeanour but also extends to these unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions thrown her way. She is always smiling as she gracefully gets through it and acts like nothing happened!


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