A Buffalo Bills fan is currently in police custody, facing charges of stalking and harassment. This individual was apprehended near Taylor Swift’s New York apartment on two separate occasions within a span of three days, according to law enforcement sources.

A man is in police custody and has been charged with stalking and harassment after being arrested near Taylor Swift’s New York apartment twice in three days, police said.

David Crowe, 33, from Seattle, was first arrested on Saturday at 1:35 p.m. after a 911 call reported a “disorderly person” along Franklin Street in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, where Swift is widely reported to have an apartment complex.

“Upon arrival of police to the scene, police were informed that the individual attempted to open a door to a building at the location,” the office of Deputy Commissioner for Public Information (DCPI), Tarik Sheppard, told NBC News.

It is the latest in a string of incidents in which alleged male stalkers have been arrested for causing a disturbance near or trying to get access to the pop star’s New York home in recent years.

Due to the existence of an outstanding warrant for failure to answer a summons in Brooklyn in 2017, police took Crowe into custody but he was later released.Then on Monday at around 6 p.m., neighborhood coordination officers were patrolling the area around Franklin Street and Hudson Street in Tribeca when they again encountered Crowe.

“Officers were approached by multiple complainants who pointed out an emotionally disturbed male acting erratically at the location,” police said.”Officers observed the male harassing multiple complainants and took him into custody without further incident. No injuries were reported and the following individual was charged,” the statement said.

Crowe was charged with two counts each of harassment and stalking and is due to be arraigned at an unspecified date.In 2022, a man from Virginia was accused of drunkenly crashing his car into Swift’s Tribeca apartment, before trying to force his way into the building.