A resident of Seattle faced his third arrest within a span of five days. Surprisingly, this occurred shortly after he was released for the second time by a Manhattan judge. Law enforcement reported that the individual was apprehended once again for loitering outside Taylor Swift’s Tribeca residence, less than an hour after his latest release.

A Seattle man was arrested for a third time in five days — less than an hour after being released a second time by a Manhattan judge — after police said he was lurking outside of Taylor Swift’s Tribeca townhouse.

According to court records, David Crowe now faces numerous charges including stalking, harassment and criminal contempt. On Wednesday, a judge granted a temporary order of protection and charged Crowe with criminal contempt in the second degree, meaning he was being disobedient to or disrespectful toward a court of law.

Andrew Warshawer, a deputy chief in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, said Crowe willfully disobeyed the order of protection issued by the judge. Photographic and video evidence showed Crowe returning to a dumpster near Swift’s apartment after being released from an arraignment Wednesday.

Prosecutors asked for supervised release at the highest possible level stating in court filings: “These cases are not deemed bail-eligible, however [Crowe’s] continued conduct in showing up to this location despite numerous directives to leave shows a clear risk that [Crowe] will not abide by court orders to return to court.”

Neighbors said they spotted Crowe digging through a dumpster across from the singer’s New York City home Wednesday afternoon.When Crowe was asked by Fox 5 in New York why he was stalking Swift, he said, “I’m not, I was grabbing some of my pants they threw in the dumpster when they falsely arrested me.”

According to a police report, an informant said Crowe has been at Swift’s apartment about 30 times since November 25, 2023. The report stated that a “custodian” for the property asked Crowe on 10 occasions not to approach the building and leave the immediate area.

“Under the bail laws right now,” said trial attorney Imran Ansari, “it’s really difficult for a prosecutor to convince a judge, under that law, to set bail so it’s more likely than not that Crowe, under the offenses that we see him committing, would be released.”