all Ex-UCLA Coach Who Praised Simone Biles’ Controversial Tokyo Olympics Move Leaves Grateful Alex Rodriguez Awestruck

Simone Biles

MLB icon Alex Rodriguez, while fulfilling his dream to enter the business world, has pushed his net worth to a massive value of $350 million. Rodriguez started it all by selling his Rolex watches, which he bought from the first salary he earned from the big league.





A-Rod has only increased his business acumen with years of experience and various talented people as his mentors.Recently, the former UCLA coach, Valerie Kondos, left the former Yankee awestruck with a special move. Apart from being a famous gymnastics coach, Kondos is also known for supporting Olympic winner Simone Biles‘ controversial Tokyo Olympics move of withdrawing from two medal events. And now A-Rod is thanking her for a gesture she made at UCLA.


What did Alex Rodriguez thank the former UCLA coach for?Drawing from his expertise in both game and business, Rodriguez brings a unique touch as a mentor while talking about his journey. Having a net worth of hundreds of millions is not an easy task for anyone, but the former Yankee did it with the help of some important people in his life. And now, he imparts his knowledge to as many people as possible.Recently, Kondos, aka Miss Val, invited A-Rod to deliver a speech in her class.


Therefore, to express gratitude, A-Rod posted a picture of him taking a selfie with the students and Miss Val. He captioned the picture, “Thank you to my good friend, Miss Val, for having me speak in her Philosophy of Coaching and Leadership class at UCLA today.”After hanging up his cleats and bidding farewell to Major League Baseball in 2016, A-Rod has turned into a fully-fledged business person. He has to take care of multiple ventures. And he does all of them flawlessly while being an active parent in his daughters’ lives.The former Yankee has seen only two dreams in his life.


One was to play professional baseball, which he excelled at in his lengthy career of over two decades. Another was to dive into the business world, which he is now living every day. He is doing so all while helping other athletes realize how important it is to have a way of income after retiring from their sport.



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