Anna Kendrick is the pint-sized star who shared screen space with Blake Lively in the 2018 thriller, “A Simple Favor”. And she is known equally for her acting, singing (she is Poppy from “Trolls”), and her effortlessly classic style. She has been on best-dressed lists for years now, and her very petite 5’2-inch frame is always dressed the best it can.



So how does Kendrick pull off one flawless look after the other? According to an interview of hers, she has a go-to list of secrets, and here’s a breakdown of the best of them.



36-year-old Anna Kendrick believes that if you are talking yourself into wearing something, it’s the wrong thing for you. You have to look at the dress, look at yourself wearing it, and love it so much that you never want to take it off.



And she certainly rocked a metallic dress by Zuhair Murad at the BAFTA, enough for a fan to write, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. She’s gonna break the internet with this one!!” Do note the see-through shoes and that thigh-high cut. More see-throughness coming up…



Of course, according to Kendrick, there will be times a dress would not work. You may not like yourself in any on some days, so that day, keep it simple and slip into a tried-and-tested outfit.



Kendrick says it’s absolutely okay to be practical on occasion, as long as you wear something that you know will work on you.



Like the pantsuit Kendrick rocks with a deep-cut lacy blouse. It’s simple but it’s a classic, and there are so many ways to wear a piece like this.



With a petite frame like hers, there are plenty of off-the-rack designer dresses that may not fit Kendrick right. This is why she believes in getting stuff tailored for it to fit right.



And she learned it the hard way because it’s only when she realized that dresses made for six-foot models hung strangely on her foot-shorter frame.



Now, she gets everything tailored to her size, and we have to admit it’s a neat trick… How else does she manage to sizzle in just about everything?



Anna is also not afraid to wear something quirky as long as it suits her petite body. She mentioned a Dolce & Gabbana dress with a fox on it, in applique as one of her favorite pieces.



She also feels that on her short frame, ankle straps look ridiculous. And finally, she believes in splurging on a few classic pieces that can go with a lot of things and likes to keep accessories to a minimum, So that’s how she manages to stun every time, enough to have fans beg her to walk all over them in those heels…


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