Baltimore Ravens Daniel Wilcox Compares Lamar Jackson To Patrick Mahomes At His Best

Wilcox shared his take on his Bleav in Ravens Podcast, Lamar Jackson’s current state of mind is crucial to his success on the football field. When Jackson is feeling good about himself, his performance reaches a level that makes him nearly unstoppable. This heightened confidence transforms him into a formidable force in the NFL.


Wilcox’s comparison of Lamar Jackson to Patrick Mahomes, one of the league’s elite quarterbacks, is a testament to Jackson’s immense talent and potential. He suggests that when Jackson is at his best, he is on par with Mahomes, who is widely regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the game.

Daniel Wilcox’s take on Lamar Jackson underscores the significance of confidence and mindset in a player’s success. Jackson’s potential to reach the same level as Patrick Mahomes when he’s feeling confident highlights the exciting future that lies ahead for this dynamic quarterback.