Bengals comment on Joe Burrow’s extension at scouting combine

Joe Burrow

As noted previously, the Cincinnati Bengals and Joe Burrow are at work on a contract extension for the star quarterback.



Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin told reporters at the scouting combine that the extension isn’t done yet but will get done.Onlookers shouldn’t have expected anything less than that from Tobin and the Bengals, as it hasn’t been a secret the team has a sense of urgency to get the extension done now that league rules permit it.



This nonsensical trade has the Bengals sending Joe Burrow to the Colts


Still, Tobin praised Burrow for proving he could get the Bengals to the Super Bowl and that it is his job to keep the core of Burrow and his weapons together.



As one former super agent recently commented, the contract structure itself will be very complicated, but there’s no reason to worry the two sides won’t get something done.


While the structure of the contract will dictate much of how the Bengals approach team-building this offseason and far beyond, as expected, there’s little stress about it.


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