Patrick Mahomes ‘Sweet Leg’ and ‘Calves’ Garner Top Attention as Royal Blue 80 Racks Up a War

When Jalen Hurts agreed to his contract extension earlier this week, it had ramifications beyond just securing the quarterback’s future with the Eagles.

The Bengals are likely to reach a new deal with quarterback Joe Burrow this offseason, as are the Chargers with quarterback Justin Herbert.

Once all the figures for those contracts come in, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is likely going to be underpaid relative to the rest of the market. He signed a 10-year extension with the Chiefs in the summer of 2020 that has an average annual value of $45 million.

So after Mahomes won his second Super Bowl and second MVP in the 2022 season, an adjustment to the quarterback’s contract could be coming sooner than later.

“We have a special relationship with [Mahomes] and his agent. We’re in constant communication,” General Manager Brett Veach said during his Thursday pre-draft press conference. “It’s one of those things — and I think coach [Andy Reid] hinted on this in his last press conference — where as soon as one guy gets done, it’s kind of the blueprint and the model. And a few years later, it’s jumped and exceeded.

“But I think that this organization and the relationship we have with Pat will always be working to make sure that we’re doing right by everybody. There will be a couple more contracts that still have to get done — Burrow and Herbert — and once they do, I think you kind of look at everything and assess where you are and what you can do and take it from there.”

Patrick Mahomes suffers leg injury

As Veach alluded to, Reid was also asked about Mahomes’ contract situation earlier in the week and noted that when a significant contract happens, it’s often quickly surpassed.

“You can start chasing that and kind of forget about your job at hand, but Pat’s got a great feel for all that stuff,” Reid said in his press conference. “The main thing he wanted to do, which my hat just goes off to him, is he wanted to do a deal that was team-friendly so that we could sign — if you lose a left tackle, you could go out and sign another one and have that flexibility there. So, you know, I think he’s got a great feel on all that.”

Given the comments from Veach and Reid, it seems like just a matter of time before Mahomes gets a raise. But the club will likely be patient to see where the market goes before it comes time to have Mahomes sign a new deal.


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