Brittany Mahomes React to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance Relationship has caused a 47% of female viewers fall in love with KC Players

Taylor Swift publicly announced their relationship, as research reveals a 37 percent spike in female NFL viewers thanks to America’s favorite power couple’s romance.

Kelce, the 34-year-old tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is considered one of the best of all time in his position. But, even he is not immune to the Swift Effect, with a huge jump in Google searches, social media follows and even jerseys sales evidence of the enormous impact interacting with the globally recognizable popstar can have.

Interested in how their relationship has already made an impact on fans and people who wouldn’t normally tune into an NFL game if it weren’t for Swift’s presence at pro-football stadiums this season, Action Network kept a close eye on viewing figures since Kelce first courted Swift in September.

According to preliminary Nielsen data, compared to an average of the first three weeks of ‘Sunday Night Football,’ the largest demographic gain were among girls aged 12 to 17 (53 percent), women aged 18 to 24 (24 percent) and women aged 35 and over (34 percent).

What’s more is, the Chiefs game versus the Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 24, saw the highest viewing figures of the week for any T.V. network, 24.3millio