“Brittany shared a heartwarming moment on social media, capturing the joyous scene of her children, two-year-old Sterling and one-year-old Bronze, creating precious moments for them as parents to enjoy.”

Ever the influencer mom, Brittany Mahomes keeps fans in the loop with her family life. Chronicling the everyday struggles of being a mom, Patrick Mahomes’s social media savvy wife also regularly showcases the touching moments with her children. In her latest, the former soccer player gave a glimpse into the bedtime of her two adorable children, and the result is oh so cute

Brittany showcased a lovely scene: her children, two-year-old Sterling, and one-year-old Bronze, in matching nighttime suits. The lovable siblings, wearing gray and blue, are a vision in prints with playful shapes and smileys, exuding warmth and affection. Sterling, with a shielding hand on Bronze’s shoulder, looks out of the window into a crisp morning, symbolizing the innocence and surprise of childhood.

Brittany aptly captioned this touching photograph, “My Heart,” reflecting her deep love for her children. Brittany’s knack for shooting regular moments became further highlighted when she shared visuals of Bronze playing in the family’s unique dog shower.

Situated in their spacious Missouri home, the bathe, normally reserved for their pets Steel and Silver, has become a playground for little Bronze. Fans were treated to glimpse the thirteen-month-old joyfully exploring this area, clapping in pleasure. Brittany’s narration brought a personal touch to these visuals, showcasing a mom’s pleasure in her toddler’s easy pleasures.

On a sunny Wednesday, Brittany Mahomes turned a regular workday into an adventure for her kids. She shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram account, capturing the essence of what it meant to bring her children into her professional world.

The caption “Bring your kids to work day” set the tone for the story, where both Sterling and Bronze could be seen playing on a sofa. The setting was informal and cozy, with Brittany appearing to be involved in filming for either her business or social media ventures. Bring your kids to work day was a resounding success