Charissa Thompson Sends Message to Swifties Following Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Matchmaking Drama

Charissa Thompson and Travis Kelce


Charissa Thompson addressed the buzz about her and Erin Andrews being the matchmakers for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce during a recent episode of their “Calm Down” podcast. Thompson urged fans to take their comments with a grain of humor rather than seriousness.


Charissa Thompson and Travis Kelce

“Honestly, I don’t know why this is getting so much attention,” Thompson, 42, said. “Do people really think we’re serious about setting up Taylor and Travis? It’s become a running joke. We never claimed — it’s always been tongue-in-cheek. Remember, he joked that he owes us big time — now it’s just a joke. Everyone really needs to just calm down.”

The matchmaking comments began over the summer when Andrews and Thompson playfully suggested on their podcast that Swift should consider giving Kelce a chance, following his attempt to give her a friendship bracelet at an Eras Tour stop in Kansas City.

The speculation escalated after Swift was spotted at a Chiefs game in September, the same month rumors about her and Kelce dating started circulating.

In early October, after Swift’s attendance at the game, Thompson re-posted the podcast clip on Instagram, playfully noting, “Just saying … @erinandrews & I recorded this episode back on August 3rd @killatrav @taylorswift @calmdownpodcast,” to which Kelce humorously responded, “You two are something else!! I owe you big time!!”

Responding to Andrews’ inquiry about the recent fan reactions, Thompson said, “It’s just comments, you know? People say, ‘Oh, I love that these two are taking credit for setting them up,’ and I’m like, relax, it’s become a joke. And Travis is in on it, that’s the main thing. So, for anyone thinking we are actually claiming credit, chill out. We’re just fans of both of them, happy that they’re happy.”

Thompson’s remarks come after her and Andrews’ light-hearted discussion on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where they continued to engage with the matchmaking narrative in jest.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has also jokingly claimed he had a hand in bringing Swift and Kelce together. Meanwhile, the couple has remained in the spotlight, with Kelce recently traveling to Europe to join Swift on her international Eras Tour leg.