“Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes expresses his confidence ahead of the upcoming matchup against the Dolphins.”

It is no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs offense must play better if the team intends to go on a deep playoff run.While speaking with the media on Tuesday, Patrick Mahomes expressed his confidence in the unit and told reporters that he believes that the adversity he and his teammates faced during the regular season will serve them well.

“I’m extremely confident,” Mahomes explained. “Not only in our offense but in our football team. You see how the defense is playing, offensively I feel like we’re going to play our best football at the right time. I think if we can just score – we don’t have to score too many points. If we can just score enough points our defense will shut the door and we can find a way to get the win.”

Kansas City’s offense has had its share of struggles throughout the season, but the 28-year-old quarterback feels that those learning moments have helped the Chiefs become a better team.

“We play in a lot of big games, playing games on short rest, we play in night games, whatever it is,” Mahomes continued. “I think just having that experience is going to help us. Having those games where not everything is going your way, and you have to find a way to pull through and get a win. Just being able to rely on our experiences and go out there and be the best team we can be and play our best football and see what happens.”

As Mahomes alluded to in his press conference, if the Chiefs offense can just score enough points, they should be able to find a way to win on Saturday night. The Chiefs are undefeated this season when scoring 21 or more points.