Congratulation in Advance”The pro tennis player Serena willims is currently expecting her third baby with husband Alexis Ohanian.”

The pro tennis player, 41, and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, announced the sex of their 3rd baby together – the couple are already parents to daughter Olympia, 5 – in grand style.

Serena arrived at her “baby shower-slash-gender reveal” party making it known that she was “team pink,” as she put it, wearing a pink and white skirt and top that showed off her baby bump. “I’m a little nervous because I don’t have any contingency plan if it turns out to be a boy,” she said in a video of the festivity posted on YouTube Monday.

The outdoor party was decorated with a rainbow-colored balloon arch with a sign front and center saying, “Our Next Great Adventure,” a multi-colored balloon bouquet posted on long white sticks to resemble trees, with matching blankets tossed around the luscious grounds for guests’ relaxing pleasure.

There was dancing (and music supplied by DJ Mike Wise), a dunk tank, and a whole lot of hugging as the hours whittled away.However, Ohanian wanted to have some fun with the moment, which Williams did not know about. Rather than the standard pink cake for a girl and blue cake for a boy, Ohanian ordered a yellow cake to throw off the tennis superstar.

“I’m doing this because I want to troll her and Olympia into thinking that this is the reveal of Jelly Bean,” he whispered into the camera, referring to the pet name they have for their baby. “She will cut into this cake and probably be disappointed and hopefully appreciate my troll. But, we’ll see. I don’t know if she’s gonna be a professional about it. She might see this cake come out, roll her eyes, and say, ‘This guy had one job and he gave me a goddamn cake gender reveal.’ But we’ll see. there’s a reveal after the reveal.”

Williams cut into the cake, saw that it was yellow, smiled, put it on a plate… and moved to smoosh it right into Alexis’ face.

“We are actually going to reveal Jelly Bean’s sex. The way we’re going to do it, though, is with a little style and some spectacular lights.” Ohanian said before calling on the DJ to give them some music and “draw attention to the heavens.” After some oohing and ahhing, drones lit up the sky and spelled out “Girl!”