Congratulations to the freshly retired NFL player Jason Kelce as he officially accept the enticing offer (History Channel” Master Blade Smith”


The offers are starting to roll in for Jason Kelce now that the beloved Eagles star is once again a free agent.

If the former center accepts an enticing opportunity presented by History, we could see his new title become “Master Blade Smith.” The network took to X (formerly Twitter) with a video featuring Doug Marcaida, who serves as a judge on the channel’s series Forged in Fire. In it, the edged weapon combat specialist hurls a dagger at a tree in the woods from out of frame.

After stepping into sight and removing the blade from the bark, he approached the camera with a smile and directly addressed the freshly retired NFL player. “Hi Jason! Doug Marcaida here from Forged in Fire,” he said, congratulating Kelce “on a historic NFL career and a well-deserved retirement.” “Now, we’ve heard that you might have what it takes to make it keal,” he said, referencing a phrase he favors on the show that means “keep everyone alive” and is a classification used for weapons that pass as made safely and securely, before inviting him and brother Travis Kelce to “battle it off outside of the field” and learn how to be “master blade smiths.”

“Hey @JasonKelce, heard you might have what it takes to make it in the forge?” History quipped in the caption. Hey @JasonKelce, heard you might have what it takes to make it in the forge?

The 36-year-old father of three later responded to the “coolest” offer “ever,” saying that “it would literally be a dream come true Doug!” “Even if it doesn’t Keel!” he added. “But I definitely want it too.” This is the coolest thing ever, it would literally be a dream come true Doug! Even if it doesn’t Keel! But I definitely want it too