Due to Patrick Mahome Health it really affect him on first game at Lambeau Field didn’t go well.

Kansas City fell 27-19 to the Green Bay Packers, and much of the blame falls on the team’s offense. With 1:09 left in regulation, no timeouts, and down 8 points, Mahomes & Co. had a chance to tie the game.

On first-and-10, Mahomes connected with wide receiver Rashee Rice for the first down, which the officials initially deemed a fumble. With emotions running high, Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco got into it with Packers cornerback Keisean Nixon. While Nixon held Pacheco to the ground longer than necessary, the second-year running back retaliated by punching his opponent.

Pacheco was ejected with 50 seconds left on the clock, which was a huge blow for Kansas City. Before his exit, Pacheco was on fire. He rushed 18 times for 110 yards and a touchdown, along with 3 receptions for 13 yards.

While the Chiefs were hit with a 15-yard penalty in a scenario where every inch and second mattered, Mahomes’ reaction to Pacheco’s punch turned some hea“I love the fire from Pop (Pacheco), man, that gets us going as an offense,” Mahomes told reporters after the game.

“Obviously, (he) got a flag in this situation. But I mean, we were already in a bad situation. So I never want to take the passion away from the guy. He’ll learn from it. I’m sure he won’t make that mistake again. But that’s the stuff that we need on this team in order to have the success that we want to have.”


While unnecessary violence should never be condoned, this penalty didn’t end the game for Kansas City. Between the ejection and likely hefty fine coming from the NFL, it’s safe to assume Pacheco understands he messed up.