Encounter a lovely lady named Maya, who harbors a strong admiration for Travis Kelce. Her affection for him is so intense that she is completely enamored, and her love for Kelce surpasses any regard she may have for Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry is skeptical of the authenticity of his budding romance with Taylor Swift.“The only reason that I question the genuineness of the relationship is because he’s talking to the media a lot,” Benberry told “Inside Edition” in a sit-down interview Thursday.

The life coach, 31, recently sent Swift’s diehard fans into a frenzy when she “liked” a comment calling the pop star a “5,” which she later walked back.Benberry told “Inside Edition” she received plenty of blowback for the allegedly inadvertent double tap, calling Swifties “aggressive” and “hypocritical

“It’s really crazy to me that someone that I think is positive and really nice has such a negative and angry fanbase,” she said, insisting that she has no ill will toward the singer.“I don’t know Taylor Swift, but I’m a fan of her music,” she shared. “I don’t feel any way about her dating Travis. It’s cute. … She’s beautiful. She’s successful. We’re in two different lanes.”But the Kentucky native made sure to add, “I had him first.”

Moreover, Benberry said she’s “offended” by the narrative that she’s “jealous or bitter” because the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 33, has moved on with the songstress.Benberry — who won Kelce’s 2016 reality dating show, “Catching Kelce” — claimed she and the athlete were together for eight months and that he led her to believe they had “a future.”

She said she loved him and thought the two would get married, explaining, “He met my parents. I had a key to his penthouse. To me, that means that you’re pretty serious.”Benberry also tripled down on her claim that Kelce cheated on her. “Certain qualities don’t change in men,” she said before calling him a “narcissist.”