In a latest mission there was a must know Mannequin pushed App title in consumer aspect script.

We are able to obtain the requirement utilizing following script.

On this instance I’ve alerted App particulars on Load of a customized entity titled “Go to” underneath a Mannequin pushed App known as “Customer administration”.

Right here is the output:

Right here is the script:

operate onLoadApp()

var globalContext = Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext();

operate successCallback(app)

var message = “App Show title: ” + app.displayName + “nApp title: ” + app.uniqueName + “nApp Id: ” + app.appId;
var messageString =
confirmButtonLabel: “Okay”,
textual content: message

var messageAlertOption =
top: 120,
width: 260

Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog(messageString, messageAlertOption);


operate errorCallback()

{ console.log(“Error”);




Different particulars which can be accessible within the app object are talked about beneath:

· appId

· displayName

· uniqueName

· url

· webResourceId

· webResourceName

· welcomePageId

· welcomePageName

Hope it helps and Energy 365ing as typical!

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