“Eric Bieniemy, the coach of the Washington Commanders, mentioned that he has observed some of the challenges Sam Howell is facing today, recalling similar experiences during his time coaching Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes.”

If you ask those on the outside looking in, the Washington Commanders have a quarterback dilemma on their hands.According to Commanders coach Eric Bieniemy, however, the issues plaguing QB Sam Howell are no different than the same ones that impact most young players in his position.Yes, even Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes.

“I remember this with Pat,” Bieniemy said with a laugh. “Once upon a time, Pat at times could see ghosts out there … So I’m seeing that with Sam, and sometimes you can overthink something simple.”

Some viewed Washington pulling Howell for veteran backup Jacoby Brissett on Sunday in a 28-20 loss to the Los Angeles Rams a “benching.” But coordinator Bieniemy echoed what head coach Ron Rivera has already told us – there was another reason.

He’s still finding ways to grow and this is a part of that growth process,” Bieniemy said. “I thought we did a great job when we pulled him because it gave him an opportunity to take a break, to sit back, inhale – exhale, and watch Jacoby (Brissett) play…and how a veteran just handled the things that (were) presented to him.”

The biggest thing the coach said he wants Howell to take from the move is the need to be decisive, not right. That’s where the call back to Mahomes’ development comes in“It’s always better to be decisive than to be right. Because if you’re decisive with the football – guess what? – you’re chances are that you’re probably right,” Bieniemy said. “It just means that you’re not second-guessing yourself.

“It happens,” Bieniemy said – yes, even when the coach was in K.C. with a young Mahomes. “And it’s unfortunate that it happens, but the thing that he needs to continue to do is to continue working through it.”


Of course, continuing to work through it doesn’t promise Howell will rise to the levels that Mahomes has, but it can ensure this quarterback gets back to playing fast and confident football that gives his team a chance to win.