Ever since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were first linked a couple of months ago, their relationship has gone from strength to strengthAfter making a series of public appearances at Travis’s football games

taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are about four months into their relationship, and judging from The Kiss™ they appear to be completely smitten. But how did Travis and Taylor meet, you ask?

Those of us who have been paying attention (read: obsessively updating Taylor Swift fan accounts for the latest news) know these two kicked things off during the Eras Tour, but there’s a ton of info to go over—including details from Travis about their first date—so let’s get into it.

This was Taylor’s second performance at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, and if you want a sense of the vibes, here’s a pretty epic view of her entrance

Meanwhile, we have proof that Travis was in attendance via this unearthed fan video of people giving him friendship bracelets.

Due to having no chill to speak of, Travis revealed he went to the Eras Tour with a purpose: to give Taylor Swift his number via friendship bracelet. He tragically failed and cutely complained about the experience to his brother Jason Kelce on their podcast, New Heights. (Note: this episode dropped on July 26.)

“I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings,” Travis said. “So I was a little butt-hurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her. If you’re up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets, and I received a bunch of them being there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it…. She doesn’t meet anybody—or at least she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personal.”

‘Kay, so once again, this episode dropped on July 26. And outlets didn’t start reporting on Taylor and Travis potentially dating until September. However, we know what happened in August thanks to Travis being unable to help himself when it comes to dishing