EXCLUSIVE! Chris Packham Revealed His Reasons for telling Taylor Swift to renounce her use of private jets and…

Taylor Swift and Chris Packham


Her Eras tour has been one of the biggest and most successful pop concerts of all time, uniting thousands of people and boosting the economy in every city she visits.


Taylor Swift and Chris Packham

But Chris Packham is urging Taylor Swift to renounce her use of private jets and do the ‘right thing’ by her young fanbase in ‘changing her habits’ to help stop climate change.

The Springwatch presenter, 63, said the singer should be ‘leading’ the way on environmental issues as she has a ‘global audience’ of young people who hang on her every word.

He said Taylor, 34, needs to start ‘sending signals’ that she cares about the planet as it could have a major impact and has asked her to record a video message for him to play at the Restore Nature Now march, which takes place in London on Saturday.

Speaking to the Mail he said: ‘It will change the world. It would change the life of all of her fans, every single one of them and make them think, “If Taylor Swift can change her habits to help the environment, then I can too.” That’s her power.

‘I really want to get that message to Taylor Swift’s people, it would be sensational.

‘It’s an opportunity for her, and someone’s got to tell her, because quite clearly, her people aren’t telling her.

‘She’s got a global audience of young people who are going to be struggling due to climate breakdown in a very rapidly changing and increasingly dangerous world, and she should be sending signals that she cares.’

He added: ‘She’s immensely powerful young woman, because she has the capacity to communicate to millions of people who dote on her every word.

‘What makes it pertinent is that many of her fans are young people. They’re the ones that are going to be inheriting the world that we’re messing up and it is actually highly symbolic.

‘It would be highly symbolic if she were to say, “I’m giving up my private jet usage”.’

MailOnline have contacted Taylor’s representatives for comment.

The march, for which 50,000 people are expected to descend on central London, coincides with Taylor’s Wembley concerts – for which her boyfriend Travis Kelce is thought to have also flown to the UK for.

The singer recently sold one of her two private jets, but has come under fire for leaving such a large carbon footprint as she jets around the world to perform.

Despite some analytics companies claiming that her private jets fly more than those belonging to any another star, her representatives have said she regularly loans the plane to other people.

She has also bought more than double the amount of carbon credits to offset the emissions, her representative has claimed.

‘She should be leading, not being forced to do things later, which is crazy,’ said Chris.

‘She’s a very powerful young woman, intelligent, powerful superstar. She should be doing the right thing for her fans, and that is giving them hope for the future.’

Chris added: ‘I don’t know if she ever plans to have children, but you know, it would be caring about her children’s future.’

He said that all pop stars once used private jets as ‘we didn’t know any better,’ but now that we do, Taylor has the ‘opportunity to change.’

Chris’s call to Taylor comes as Just Stop Oil attempted to target her private jet, which they believed was parked at Stansted airport on Thursday.

Protestors spray-painted the two jets with orange paint after claiming that the singer’s plane had landed there the night before.

Chris said he will be one of thousands in attendance at the Restore Nature Now march on Saturday, alongside Dame Emma Thompson and 300 NGOs.

He is calling on Taylor to send a video message that he can play on stage at the end of the march.