Fact About this issues, What You DONT no is that Taylor swift Still in a Secret Relationship with  Joe Alwyn’S  Says By Kylie jason

Fans think Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s love story was going out of style over a year before they officially split.Although news broke in April that the couple had broken up after six years together, Swifties are now speculating their invisible string may have been severed two years ago—when Swift penned her heart-wrenching breakup song “You’re Losing Me.”

The singer originally released the Midnights bonus track in May—one month after the breakup news—but on Nov. 29, music collaborator Jack Antonoff revealed the devastating song was actually written in 2021.In honor of the song finally landing on Spotify, Antonoff shared on his Instagram Story that the “very special track from the midnights sessions” was, in fact,

He also shared a throwback photo of Swift—sporting a messy bun and wearing an orange knitted crewneck—grabbing a snack in the kitchen and noted that they recorded the number “right after taylor ate these raisins.”

Fans were shocked by the true timeline of the song, with one person commenting, “So she felt this way for years,” and another saying, “2021 im gonna be sick.” A third user noted, “Can’t get over it was written in 2021.”

The revelation means Swift, now 33, created the ballad about three weeks after dropping Red (Taylor’s Version) and her acclaimed “All Too Well” short film.”You’re Losing Me” details a relationship that has run its course, with the speaker pondering whether to end it for good or try to revive it and go on.

“I can’t find a pulse / My heart won’t start anymore / For you / ‘Cause you’re losin’ me,” Swift sings. “How long could we be a sad song / ‘Til we were too far gone to bring back to life? / I gave you all my best me’s, my endless empathy