Fans are reacting to the news that Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson is reportedly worth a cool $97 million. Some fans are expressing surprise, commenting that it’s someone else’s net worth at a staggering $97 million.

f you’re sick of hearing about the billionaires of the world (and face it, most of us probably are, given the antics of Elon Musk of late), then perhaps you’ll enjoy hearing about the world’d richest pets instead.It turns out Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson is worth a cool $97 million.


If you’re wondering what side hustle adorable Olivia must be doing to be pulling in the big bucks, the Scottish Fold cat has appeared in several of Swift’s music videos since she was a kitten as well as commercials for Diet Coke and shoe brand Keds.

Check out the cute Coke ad with mama Swift. No cat lady vibes here!
It sure proves the saying that it helps if you have wealthy, influential parents! Even if you’re a cat. (Though we’re not sure what’s going on with Swift’s other cats, Meredith and Benjamin, maybe they don’t like the limelight.)

has been ranking the world’s richest pets for years by analysing the Instagram accounts of famous pets and their owners to estimate how much money each animal could make per post, as well as including non-social enterprises such as merchandising.

Swift’s cat comes in second place on the list behind Nala Cat, worth $100 million. She’s made her fortune from a premium cat food line and she even won a Guinness World Record for her Instagram following.