Fans are speculating about a possible hidden romantic relationship between Travis Kelce and Hunt, the daughter of Clark Hunt, the co-owner, chairman, and CEO of the Chiefs. Observers noted that despite the rumors, Hunt appeared unfazed and even smiled while wrapping her arm around Kelce.

Hunt, the daughter of Clark Hunt, the co-owner, chairman and CEO of the Chiefs, didn’t seem to mind as she smiled and wrapped her arm around Kelce.Fans have commented on the Facebook post, highlighting his smooth moves to avoid headlines

Many have said he has taken the Keanu Reeves approach. The John Wick and The Matrix actor is known for his hovering hand in photos—making sure not to directly touch fans, but to still be warm and welcoming. Presumably to avoid any awkward situations or nightmares later down the line from any fan allegations.

One football fan said: “Smart man!” while another echoed: “He’s a smart man he knows better.”He was called a “gentleman” for showing such “respect” while another laughed at “The floating hand.”