“Fans are suggesting to Head Coach Andy Reid that sidelining Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in every Kansas City Chiefs game might be the winning strategy for the team.”

Travis Kelce could have extended his impressive streak of seven consecutive seasons with over 1000 receiving yards if he had played in the Chiefs vs Chargers game. However, he chose not to be a part of it, which unfortunately meant missing out on the opportunity to maintain his streak. Surprisingly, it was his own decision and not Andy Reid’s. Perhaps he wanted to take some time off and get some well-deserved rest.

Chris Jones stepped in as a replacement for Travis Kelce this time around. Andy Reid revealed that it was Travis Kelce’s personal choice to sit out of the game. Despite having the opportunity to continue his impressive performance, he decided to give Chris Jones an opportunity instead. As a result, Travis concluded his season with an impressive record of 92 passes for 984 yards and a total of five touchdowns.

Travis Kelce himself chose to step back from the game, but it was a different story for Patrick Mahomes. Head coach Andy Reid made the call to keep Mahomes out of the game against the Chargers. Instead of the Super Bowl champion, Blaine Gabbert was chosen as his replacement.

During a conversation with the media, Andy stated, “[Patrick Mahomes] won’t play. Blaine Gabbert will take over at that spot and we’ll rotate the other guys in as we go.” The reason was to give Patrick Mahomes enough rest for the playoffs. With that Mahomes ended his 2023 season with a total of 27 touchdowns in 16 matches, in which he scored 14 interceptions.