Fans questioned Taylor about why she seems to love her dad more than her mom. There are two reasons why I feel a stronger connection with my dad: first, when I was 10 years old, my mom left me alone.

Taylor is a pretty family-oriented person, and even says her mom is her best friend. So it was kind of a big deal when news broke that Taylor’s parents might be meeting her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s parents for the very first time at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday, Nov. 20, per Entertainment Tonight. Also a big deal: The Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles (which happens to be the Swift family’s chosen NFL team, cue “gold rush”).

However, Taylor had to postpone her Eras Tour show on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil due to the extreme heat, and rescheduled it for Monday, per People. So, she won’t be at the game to watch Travis play, and that means her parents might not be either.

Still, I’m excited for this hypothetical parental pairing to meet eventually, and it seems people online are, too. In fact, one viral tweet claims that Andrea Swift and Donna Kelce would “run Joann Fabrics like the navy.” And considering fans already got some wholesome moments between Travis and Scott Swift at the Eras Tour last weekend, I’m sure Tay’s dad will hit it off just fine with Ed Kelce, too

Scott and Andrea Swift are names that can be whipped out from every Swiftie’s vernacular, but here’s what to know about Taylor’s folks if you’re just a casual fan, or if you want to know even more about the nepo-parents (has that phrase been coined yet?).

Long before Taylor became a billionaire, she came from a financially-savvy family. In fact, both of her parents had promising finance careers before she became a star, per Rolling Stone. Andrea Swift worked as a marketing manager at an advertising agency, per PEOPLE, while Scott Swift appears to still be working as the managing director at Merrill Lynch, according to the company’s website.

In 2008, Taylor’s former manager, Rick Barker, told Entertainment Weekly that Taylor’s parents were marketing geniuses (which probably comes as no surprise to Swifties who know about Taylor’s Easter eggs). “The mom and dad both have great marketing minds. I don’t want to say fake it until you make it, but when you looked at her stuff, it was very professional even before she got her deal,” he said at the time.

Fun fact: Taylor’s mom also named her “Taylor” because she liked that it was androgynous. “My mom thought it was cool that if you got a business card that said ‘Taylor’ you wouldn’t know if it was a guy or a girl,” the singer-songwriter told Rolling Stone in 2009.