“Fans said that Taylor Swift has mixed love and work together, noting a change in her demeanor since meeting Travis Kelce. Some attribute this shift to her carrying love for her head, speculating that it may have affected her performance and led to her not winning the award.”

While Taylor Swift might have to go home without any award, she did take home some jokes on her. Golden Globes’ host Jo Koy joked about Taylor Swift, in reference to the NFL and the pop star doesn’t seem to be impressed with it. Here’s what Jo Koy had to say about Taylor’s viral reaction to his joke.

What did Jo Koy say as his joke didn’t land right at Taylor Swift?

Jo Koy, the 52-year-old comedian was the one to host the 81st Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, at The Beverly Hilton. Unfortunately one of his jokes didn’t land perfectly with Taylor Swift. While hosting the award show, Koy joked about the attention the NFL has been showing to Taylor Swift during her NFL attendance.

The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift,” the comedian had joked. As soon as Jo said that, the camera was cut to Taylor, who was seen pursing her lips before taking a sip of her drip. She had a deadpan reaction as the audience laughed, giggled, and reacted to the joke.

Taylor Swift’s reaction is going viral across the internet. The Blank Space singer obviously didn’t like the joke because the last thing she had on her face was a smile. But now an important thing here is, how Jo reacted to his own joke and Taylor’s reaction to it.
Jo Koy’s reply to Taylor Swift’s viral reaction to his NFL joke

During the after-party of the Golden Globes, Jo Koy was in conversation with a media representative from ET and shared his reaction to how his joke failed with Taylor. “Aww, man, it was cute. I was just saying it was cute. I was just saying it’s less cutaways, that’s all,” Jo Koy had said.

Jo Koy appeared to be chill about the deadpan response from Taylor Swift. But he indeed highlighted something serious about the Travis-Taylor world. In fact, Taylor Swift has already in her Time’s Person of the Year profile how she is unaware of how much she is being shown on the screen