Fans Watch The lover girl Taylor Swift Run to Kiss and Hug Travis Kelce at Her Argentina Concert

travis Kelce attended Taylor Swift’s sold-out Eras Tour show at Buenos Aires’ Estadio River Plate on Saturday, and in addition to another great performance, the pop singer had a few surprises for him and the rest of her sold-out crowd: some post-show PDA and an on-stage shoutout.Videos captured the singer in her dazzling blue leotard wave goodbye to the audience before running backstage to greet the NFL star with a big smooch and tight embrace.t

Earlier in the night, Swift gave Kelce a lyrical shoutout in her song “Karma,” singing “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” which elicited a big grin from the Chief’s tight-end, a roar from the crowd, and a celebration from Swift’s dad, Scott Kingsley Swift, who watched the show beside Kelce while wearing a Chiefs lanyard.
Kelce dressed up for the occasion in “The Maison” shirt by J. Logan Home—a multi-colored patterned button down with big floral details—along with blue trousers and a watch.

The PDA moment feels full circle from when Kelce first attended the “Anti-Hero” singer’s show in Kansas City in July. After that show, he revealed he had tried to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, but had been unsuccessful.

The Argentina show is the first Eras Tour performance Kelce has attended as Swift’s beau, a display of support he is returning to the singer-songwriter who has been seen at several Chiefs games this season.The couple reunited for dinner at Argentine steakhouse Elena on Friday. Kelce, whose team is on their bye week, flew in earlier in the day.

Once Swift wraps up her Sunday show in Buenos Aires—which wasoriginally planned for Friday but was postponed due to concern over bad weather—she will travel to Rio de Janeiro to play at Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos from November 17 to November 19. Kelce will return to the field to face his brother, Jason Kelce, and the rest of the Eagles on