Former hospitality worker Jessica O’Conner alleges that Brittany Mahomes was “unpleasant” during her stay at a hotel where Jessica worked for a week. O’Conner noted that Brittany did not leave any tips during her stay, and she believes these interactions reveal something about Brittany’s character.

A hotel server has taken aim at Brittany Mahomes – the wife of Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes – claiming the former athlete didn’t tip any staff at a luxury Hollywood hotel she stayed at.TikTok user Jessica O’Connor, who is a former employee of 1 Hotel West Hollywood, recalled the former soccer star staying at the hotel she worked at, specifically calling her out for neglecting to leave a tip her on a $130 bill at the hotel.

Jessica, 28, also claims she didn’t tip other staff members during the entirety of her week-long sta
I was a server, barista, bartender. I did every position,’ she says in the video, which has been viewed over 1 million times. ‘I believe Brittany was in town to shop for her wedding dress.

jessica O’Connor, who is a former employee of 1 Hotel West Hollywood, has called out Brittany Mahomes for neglecting to leave a tip her on a $130 bill at the hotelThe TikTok user alleged Brittany (pictured) didn’t tip any of the staff at the West Hollywood hotel she stayed at when she was wedding dress shopping

She explained that during her first interaction with the mom-of-two, she ran up a tab that was more than $100.’She was there with her whole posse,’ Jessica explained. ‘Patrick was not there. I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe like $130. $0 tip.’

Jessica added ‘that happens sometimes,’ suggesting that maybe she just didn’t like her, but her behavior didn’t get any better as the week went on.’They were there for almost a week, I think, and did not tip a single one of our staff. Not only did she not tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant,’ she divulged.Jessica acknowledged that celebrities ‘don’t owe’ fans anything – especially when they’re out in public.

‘As a public figure, you should always go out thinking, “OK, the people I interact with are clocking these interactions and they’re going to remember this,”‘ she pointed out.She then went on to say that she will always remember her interaction with Brittany – and not for the right reasons