Golf. Paige Spiranac Flexes Body And Golf Skills On Field

once again, Paige Spiranac has impressed her fans, this time with a photo of herself dressed in a captivating red dress with a plunging neckline while enjoying a game of golf
Accompanied by her friend Robby Berger, the golf influencer shared a video of their outing on her Instagram, where she boasts as many as 3.9 million followers.

Spiranac looked stunning wearing a white hat, black sunglasses, and a form-fitting outfit, while seated in a golf buggy.
She is well-known for her eye-catching appearances on the golf course, having recently drawn attention in a snug black top and even opting to go braless in one of her instructional videos.
Paige Spiranac’s journey to becoming an influencer

At the age of 30, Spiranac transitioned from playing professional golf to a career as an influencer, where she provides golf tips alongside sharing more daring photos.During a recent Q&A session on social media, she addressed the question about whether her breasts are real, one she gets asked a lot.

“You already know… yes,” she responded.
It has to be noted that Spiranac is anything but afraid to speak her mind, which has earned her a loyal following among her fans.
Paige Spiranac dresses how she wants on the golf course

paigeIt’s also clear that Spiranac isn’t at all interested in hearing what her critics have to say when it comes to what she wears while playing golf.”It’s my body, it’s my choice and I can choose what I want to wear,” she once told Kay Adams’ ‘Up and Adams Show.

“You can still respect and uphold the tradition of the game. It doesn’t have to be all about your wardrobe.
“I’m just trying to share my personal story and be authentic to myself.”With her latest video, in her beautiful red dress, Paige Spiranac is living up to that mantra.


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