Golfing Bombshell Paige Spiranac Comes And Explains Why Her Breasts Have Changed in Size


GOlfing bombshell Paige Spiranac went candid again on Instagram on Monday answering fans questions in a Q&A session via stories.The influencer, who is known to be very open with her fans, admitted she loves showing her breasts off during the exchange
Spiranac, who is 30 years old, once again showed no qualms to talk about her physical assets with her almost 4 million followers on the Meta platform.

In keeping up with “traditon”, the first question that the influencer decided to answer was one asking if her breasts were real: “first things first are they real?”Spiranac, who is seen laughing, went on to answer her fan by saying: “I love you guys so much.You already know. Following tradition, a tradition unlike any other. Yes.”

After the golf sensation cleared things up, another question she decided to answer was a follow up about her size: “Maybe a different question, we know that they are real…but were they always that big?”

paigeFor this answer, Spiranac decided to expand a lot more and shared that a lot of factors have contributed to the current size of her bust by saying: “This is actually a really popular question when I was doing the throwback stories a couple of days ago and people were like ‘your body looks different, they look small’.

“I’m like ‘oh yeah, well I weighed significantly less’ and since they are real, they change depending on weight loss and weight gain and so since I have gained more weight they have gotten bigger and also being on birth control, I wasn’t on birth control then.”

She went on to explain further and even went on to share a TMI fact by saying: “there are a bunch of different changes, hormonal, weight gain, that make them change size. And you’ll even see that too when, TMI, during my cycle, they get bigger or smaller. So yes, body changes and they change and I just like to show them off.


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