Lamar Jackson being hurt by Patrick Mahomes' 'B.S. contract,' according to former NFL star

Patrick Mahomes had a season of dreams. Playing an instrumental role in Kansas City Chiefs’ journey to the top, the QB has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Last year, despite his injury scare, Mahomes was victorious. Lifting the Vince Lombardi and MVP trophies, the QB’s journey has been on a phenomenal upward incline. And while the offseason is his opportunity to kick it back and bask in the glory of his accomplishments, Mahomes has seemingly taken a different path.


Brittany and Patrick Mahomes Pose With Tongue Out and Coat Off While Cooling Down During Off Season

The offseason has ushered in a period of rest for the league’s stars who push their bodies to the brink of exhaustion during the regular season. But Mahomes continues to grind hard. Taking to Instagram to post a video, the QB may have given the NFL world a peek into what sets him apart from his peers. Keeping in mind that the last few weeks haven’t been the easiest for the Mahomes family, the QB’s update strikes a chord with fans. So, what did he post
While Patrick Mahomes has been spotted out and about during the offseason, the QB isn’t slacking by any means. Taking to Instagram, he shared a video compilation. The clip featured Mahomes engaging in various workouts, with Lil Keed’s song ‘Hottest’ playing in the background. The song’s lyrics also name-drops the QB, Here’s a look at the video.

While it seems like Mahomes’ offseason consists of a good balance between work and play, the situation surrounding his family hasn’t been the most positive.


Hardworking Patrick Mahomes Harnesses Focus Amid Turbulent Circumstances Surrounding Grandmother and Brother Jackson

Recently the QB’s mother, Randi Mahomes took to Twitter and updated fans about her mother’s health, saying that she was “very sick and at the hospital.” Apart from this concerning health update, the QB’s younger brother Jackson hasn’t been receiving the most positive media coverage after reports concerning his alleged misbehavior began making their rounds. Here’s a look at what reportedly occurred.


Hardworking Patrick Mahomes Harnesses Focus Amid Turbulent Circumstances Surrounding Grandmother and Brother Jackson

Is Jackson Mahomes on thin ice?
Jackson Mahomes hasn’t been on the receiving end of the love and support that fans offer his brother. Long before his recent reported legal trouble, the 22-year-old was regularly criticized for the content he posted online. And, the emergence of recent reports did nothing to improve his public image.


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