He’s just awesome; Jack Sock reveals how he met Patrick Mahomes at a barber shop:

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes attended Sock’s BNP Paribas Open match against Barrere

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes attended Jack Sock’s match against Gregoire Barrere on Thursday at the BNP Paribas Open.

The two men first met at a barber shop in Kansas City after the NFL superstar was drafted by the Chiefs back in 2017. After his win over Barrere, Sock didn’t hesitate to hail Mahomes’ talent and character.

“I’m definitely the one usually watching the TV or in person watching him, so it’s beyond special. I had a message from him right after, so that was special as well,” Sock told ATPTour.com.

“We’ve gotten to know each other over the past few years when I was in Kansas City before I moved to North Carolina. I got to know him and we were able to play golf a few times. Just an awesome dude.

“For the position he’s in, the legacy he’s building and everything, he’s just the most normal, down-to-earth guy. It’s definitely special to have him out here.

“Right after he got drafted, most people didn’t know a tonne about him. He wasn’t Super Bowl MVP, all that, champ. I don’t even know if he had even been at practices at that point.

“It was literally right after he got drafted. It was kind of cool to know him then and obviously just following and being a huge fan and a friend the whole way, it’s just so cool. He’s hopefully on pace, God-willing, to maybe be the GOAT one day. We’ll see, he’s killing it for sure.”


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