2023 started on a near-perfect note for Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs as they clinched their second Super Bowl championship in the last four years.

The quarterback also enjoyed some milestones in his personal life, including his marriage anniversary and the second birthday of his daughter, Sterling. However, Patrick’s grandmother’s demise after her recent struggle with illness shook the family. Especially, considering how close the QB was to her grandma.

A recently resurfaced video from 2019 shows just how much she cared about Pat.


Patrick’s maternal grandmother, Debbie Martin, was a fierce supporter of her grandson. And up until the very last Super Bowl victory, she has always stood by Pat, even when the going was rough.


It was Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes, who first shared the news of her mother Debbie’s deterioration in health.

Prayers for my mom. She’s very sick and at the hospital,” Randi tweeted. However, not long after that, Randi’s friend Teresa Jane shared the news of Debbie’s demise on a Facebook post.


My best friend [Randi] lost her best of best friends yesterday. Her sweet mom. The one who showed up for everyone every time,” she wrote.

As the Mahomes family still mourns the loss of an influential family member, an old video from 2019 featuring Debbie could make it very hard for everyone to hold back the tears.

Speaking before Patrick’s playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts in 2019, Grandma Mahomes couldn’t stop bragging about her grandson.

I can’t believe it’s all happening. He’s only 23 years old. And Kansas City’s had him a year. He’s just doing great up there. I just wish they had more billboards like they had in Kansas City here in Tyler. Because Patrick is a bought-house kid. He hadn’t changed and will always be Patrick,” she said.

Clearly, the family didn’t expect something so tragic to take place within the next two months. The NFL world prays for the Mahomes during this difficult time.



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