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serena Williams recently treated her fans to some stunning snaps during her vacation in Italy, showcasing her growing baby bump and curves in an elegant, form-fitting black dress.In the first of these photos, the 41-year-old tennis sensation engages the camera directly, her pregnancy barely perceptible. Her playful caption read, “CAUTION: Things are not always how they appear,” adding a touch of mystery to the post.

In the follow-up image, Serena offers a side-profile view that reveals a pronounced baby bump on one side, balanced by her backside on the other. She poses in a sleek, sleeveless black dress paired with vibrant pink heels, generating quite a stir.”I am seriously trying to figure out if the baby is in the front or….back,” she quipped humorously.Serena Williams in Italy

The background of the photo, adorned with neatly arranged chairs, white roses, and a potential altar, suggests she might be attending a friend’s wedding. Responding to his wife’s post, Alexis Ohanian, Serena’s husband, added, “This kid somehow kicks more than Olympia. It’s everywhere.”

Serena’s admirers were quick to flood the comments section with praise. “SERVING FACE AND BODYYY! You look gorgeous Serena!,” one fan exclaimed, while another chimed in with, “Gorgeous! You better serve, Mama!”

Adding to the chorus of praise, another fan wrote: “Absolutely stunning as always. Booty and belly how can you tell, but I think it’s a boy.” Recently, Serena, glowing with motherly warmth, shared a photo with her hand gently cradling her baby bump, expressing her excitement about being invited to the Met Gala by Anna Wintour.