Iga Swiatek answers what’s to blame for tennis becoming ‘more demanding’

Iga Swiatek


Iga Swiatek has an explanation for why tennis is becoming more demanding as the Pole is blaming the increased numbers of mandatory ATP and WTA tournaments and that is likely causing the increased number of injuries across the Tours.


Iga Swiatek

Throughout 2023, numerous ATP and WTA players complained that the constant ball changes and a very long schedule are the main reason behind injuries. Since the start of 2024, players have complained less about the constant ball changes but the complaints about a very long and demanding schedule remain the same.

At this past Madrid Open, the men’s event was ravaged by injuries and that led to people questioning why it was the case.

“Well, I think overall, sport is more demanding because we play faster. I mean, on the other hand we’re really focused on getting our physicality better,” Swiatek explained.

“Sometimes you have more prevention because of that. On the other hand, everybody is stronger. Everybody is moving little bit better. It’s also harder to win matches.”

Swiatek: There are more mandatory tournaments and they are becoming lengthier
In Madrid, a couple of players – including Elena Rybakina and Caroline Garcia – spoke out against the new two-week format. When making their points, Rybakina and Garcia pretty much suggested that there was no need for Madrid to be a two-week tournaments and that it wasn’t benefiting the players at all.

Addresing the number of injuries that occured in the Madrid men’s event, 2024 Madrid champion Swiatek acknowledged she didn’t have a clear answer to why that was the case but explained what may have been the reason.

“It’s hard for me to compare ATP tennis on clay and hard. I’m not that kind of specialist actually in terms of analyzing to know why they have injuries now. Maybe on the other hand it’s just a coincidence that it happened only couple of days. I think overall the tour is getting more and more demanding because of the length of the tournaments and all these mandatory rules, both on ATP and WTA. We’ll see what it’s going to bring in the future,” Swiatek said.

“For sure scheduling-wise, the planning is going to be more important, sometimes even passing some tournaments that are important for you, for you to be ready for next one.”

This week, top ATP and WTA players are competing at the Rome Open, which is also a two-week tournament.