Iga Świątek Tops Forbes Women’s 2024 Ranking of Most Valuable Personal Brands

Iga Swiatek


Forbes Women magazine has released its annual ranking of the 100 most valuable personal brands of 2024, and Iga Świątek has emerged as the clear winner.


Iga Swiatek

The tennis superstar’s personal brand is valued at a staggering 1,727,822,902 zł (approximately $435 million USD), solidifying her position as one of the most influential and marketable women in Poland.

Following Świątek in the top 10 are:

1. Agnieszka Holland – 468,400,000 zł (approximately $117 million USD)
2. Magda Linette – 409,600,000 zł (approximately $102 million USD)
3. Doda – 305,400,000 zł (approximately $76 million USD)
4. Magdalena Fręch – 280,800,000 zł (approximately $70 million USD)
5. Margaret – 269,400,000 zł (approximately $67 million USD)
6. Katarzyna Cichopek – 252,000,000 zł (approximately $63 million USD)
7. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan – 245,000,000 zł (approximately $61 million USD)
8. Sanah – 243,400,000 zł (approximately $60 million USD)
9. Anna Lewandowska – 233,600,000 zł (approximately $58 million USD)

The ranking is based on various factors, including the individuals’ professional achievements, social media presence, endorsement deals, and overall impact on their respective industries. Świątek’s dominance in the tennis world, combined with her charismatic personality and numerous sponsorship deals, have cemented her position as the most valuable personal brand in Poland.

The full list of the top 100 most valuable personal brands can be found in the latest issue of Forbes Women magazine.