“I’ll be giving out Christmas gifts to my fans once Kansas City secures the win today. Travis Kelce reveals that Christmas is his favorite holiday.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, revealed that A Christmas Story is his favorite holiday movie — which is probably not surprising to many, considering it was filmed in Cleveland where Travis was born and raised.,Travis shared his thoughts about the 1983 film on the latest episode of his podcast New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce, as he and brother Jason, 36, were discussing their go-to holiday movies.

“Damn, man, there are so many good ones,” Travis said. “I mean, A Christmas Story hits home. That’s the one that gives me the feels because it’s filmed in Cleveland.”Taylor Swift’s boyfriend — who is from the suburb Cleveland Heights — said the movie’s iconic filming locations spark fond memories from his childhood.

“Tower City as a kid, I remember going down that slide, I remember going into the mall area,” he continued. “On top of that, just like the scene of the outside reminds me of a Cleveland Christmas, snowy Christmas. I just get the feels from that one.”

He went on to explain that he prefers holiday comedies over feel-good dramas. “I’m a comedy guy. I don’t like not-funny Christmas movies. So I’m probably going to say either Elf or Four Christmases,” Travis said, sharing two more favorites.

Jason interjected, noting he’s such a big Vince Vaughn fan that he can watch Four Christmases on repeat.”Dude, it’s a classic,” Travis agreed, before remembering a notable holiday favorite that they left off the list. “Ooh, The Grinch. Damn. The Grinch is another good one.””Jim Carrey is just my favorite in everything, man,” he added.Jason gave a shout-out to A Christmas Vacation. “God, Christmas Vacation. Man, we are forgetting all of the good ones!” he said.

Travis, however, was a little less enthusiastic about the National Lampoon film about a family holiday gathering gone hilariously wrong. “I love Chevy Chase, I just like Vegas Vacation so much more,” he explained,His brother admitted that much of the humor was lost on him as a kid. “I didn’t really appreciate it when I was younger because I think I didn’t get a lot of the humor. I didn’t understand it,” Jason said.

The Kelces told listeners that they are also fans of Home Alone. “I love it, I love it. I can’t say anything bad about it. If you put it on, I’ll watch it right now,” Travis said. “But in terms of my favorites, I just like a little more comedy.””Bad Santa — not that much comedy. Not that much,” he jokingly added. “That Santa is legendary, though.”