“I’ll Keep the Superstition Going”: Patrick Mahomes Says He’s Worn the Same Pair of Red Underwear in Every NFL Game He Played So Far

The Broncos are leading the Bills and Josh Allen has already taken an interception that ended up costing the Bills. Maybe he should have his lucky underwear on, just like Patrick Mahomes does on his game days! The Bills have some inactive players on their roster and need all the help they can to take over the bout. At this point, giving in to superstitions doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.
Superstitions are also what Mahomes believes in as he lets it known on MNF with Peyton and Eli Manning. The special guest had a lot on his table during the Chiefs’ bye week. While his preparation hosts the majority of the attention, it is this new update regarding match days that has grabbed the curiosity of the NFL world.
Athletes have different superstitions that they follow before they step on the field. But for Patrick Mahomes, his superstition begins way before he enters the field. Talking to the Manning brothers, he revealed that he wears the same red underwear on all game days. It started back in the pre-season for Mahomes and as everything went well at that time, it kind of has stuck with him since then.

“I only wear them on game day though, they’re not too worn out,” said Mahomes. He was also quick to credit the piece of clothing humorously for the victories he achieves on the field, saying, “As long as we’re winning football games, I’ll keep the superstition going.”

It seems like the Buffalo Bills forgot to wear their lucky clothing tonight because Josh Allen just can’t catch a break. The multiple interceptions have raised some questions around the QB1 as he watches the game dejected.

The Broncos are leading over the Bills and have done a pretty good job of forcing the Bills to turn the ball over.