“In my next life, I would choose you as my son again. Randy, Patrick Mahomes’ mother, proudly declares her joy in having you as her son, donning a jersey adorned with Patrick Mahomes’ number as a symbolic testament to her admiration and love for you.”

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will take the field on Sunday night in hopes of reaching the AFC title game yet again. His mom, Randi Mahomes, is already in New York ready to support her son against the Buffalo Bills in a divisional playoff game, but before she did so, she made a stop.

Randi Mahomes posted a photo of herself at nearby Niagara Falls on the New York/Canada border. In the caption, she said that visiting Niagara Falls was on her bucket list of places she wanted to visit in her lifetime:

Randi Mahomes can be seen jumping in excitement in the snow with Niagara Falls behind her. Less than one hour after the photo was posted on Instagram, Mahomes had received over 1,300 likes, which included one from her son Jackson. He expressed his excitement for his mother getting the opportunity to visit the popular tourist location

The Kansas City Chiefs recently had a photo shoot to honor their team captains for the year. The shoot was considered formal as all of the captains wore suits and dress shoes. Well, except for one. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes wore a suit, but apparently lost his shoes as he showed up in a pair of white Crocs.

The quarterback was heard asking the photographer if shoes were necessary for the photo. The photographer then asked if he had any shoes with him..