I’ve never beat Kansas City Chiefs in my career. But On Monday it going to be hot Says By Jason kelce

Monday night’s showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles is a rematch of Super Bowl
LVII. Revenge for a Lombardi loss isn’t what motivates Eagles center Jason Kelce. He’s got more familial reasons for wanting a win.

“I’m motivated to win the game. I don’t need the Super Bowl [loss] to motivate me to beat my brother [Travis], or [former coach] Andy Reid. I’ve never beaten them in my career. I’m more motivated maybe by that,” the Eagles center said, via ESPN. “I don’t buy into Super Bowl revenge games. Each season is different. This team is not the same, that team is not the same. Nothing that happens on Monday night is going to at all change or make anything different about what happened last year.

Kelce is 0-4 against the Chiefs, one of two opponents the 13-year pro has never beaten (other: Seattle, Philly’s Week 15 opponent).”I’ve beat him enough in his life that I think I will still be happy,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of them. It would be nice to get a win under the Eagles’ belt.

“As with every week, even though there’s a lot of familiarity, there’s a lot of personal attachment to this game on my side, you’re really focused on what we need to do. I think if you look at that outside noise you’re really doing yourself and your teammates a disservice.”