Jason Kelce Said Travis Kelce is Old Enough to get Married And Have Kids, No Time to Waist

“The latest status is I got to see her last week,” he said during a press conference in Germany Friday.But the reporter bumped it up a notch, asking the Kansas City Chiefs tight end if he was “in love.”

No bite.”I’m going to keep my personal relationship personal,” he said.It’s also become apparent that when Swift is at a Chiefs game, Kelce makes fantasy owners very happy — or upset if you’re going against him.

In the three games Kelce has played that Swift has missed, the tight end has just 151 receiving yards, about 50 a game. In the four she’s attended, he’s averaging 108 yards per game. The last two games Swift attended, she saw Kelce catch 21 passes for 303 yards and a touchdownIt’s a trend that’s become noticeable, especially in the gambling world. That’s why Kelce keeps silent on whether his rumored girlfriend will be attending games.

“When I mention or everybody knows that she’s at the game, the Vegas, the over/under on my catches kind of goes up and down, the spread goes up and down. I don’t want to mess with any of that stuff, so I’m just going to keep it to myself,” he said.The Chiefs are in Germany this weekend to face the Miami Dolphins. It’s unlikely Swift will be in attendance since she will go international with her Eras Tour in Argentina Nov. 9.It will be the second NFL game played in Germany.