Jeon Somi went on To Gift Venus Williams her latest album, Game Plan, which is her first EP.

“It’s important for me to be close to the young generation. Sport has the power to change lives and I hope those 2 courts will make the kids want to practice more tennis,” she was quoted as saying in the official social media post on Instagram.“Gathering the entire New York City tennis community to celebrate our 90th anniversary by renovating two tennis courts, powered by our ambassador @venuswilliams, in the Bronx,” the caption further said.

venusWilliams was captured teaching Jeon Somi a few racket skills. The sporting legend also interacted with the young hopefuls and showed off her dance moves.Jeon Somi went on to gift Venus Williams her latest album, Game Plan, which is her first EP.

Venus Williams recently attended the US Open Champions of Equality event, which was held in honor of the tournament 50th anniversary of equal prize money.Williams and several other tennis legends, including Billie Jean King, discussed various pressing issues prevalent in the sport. Players’ protection was one of the topics that was touched upon.

Venus Williams noted that young women are “very impressionable”. She thus appreciated the WTA’s strive to ensure that young female players are protected from abuse.
I think the WTA definitely takes measures, and they’re taking even more measures every year,” Williams said. “Because the young women, they’re so good so young. Very impressionable,” she said.

They don’t know anything about the world. Most of them have just played tennis.””I know what that feels like, but I had protections and I was taught to stick to your values. Not everyone has that opportunity to know who they might be at that young age. The WTA is definitely taking steps. I see it all over. I’m excited for that,” she added.


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