“Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes: Here are five compelling reasons why this quarterback rivalry is considered the best since the legendary Tom Brady-Peyton Manning era.”

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen will meet for the seventh time on Sunday, and the first time in the playoffs since the 42-36 overtime thriller won by Kansas City two years ago.

The numbers don’t lie. This is easily the best QB rivalry since Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, who last met in the 2015 AFC title game. Here’s the other rivalries that have taken place since that last meeting.

They meet a lot and their head-to-head battles are incredible. That meets the basic standard of any great rivalry. This is the seventh time they’ve met in the last four years, despite not playing in the same division! Sound familiar? They join Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady as the only QB rivalry from different divisions to meet seven times in a four-year span.

Mahomes vs. Allen is also the only QB rivalry to ever meet three times in the playoffs before each QB turned 29. So no QB rivalry has met this many times in the postseason this early in their careers.

The series is tied 3-3 too, and both QBs have put up video game numbers. They’ve combined for 3,945 yards passing and rushing in their six meetings. Only one QB rivalry has ever racked up more yardage in their first six meetings: Drew Brees vs. Matthew Stafford.