Mattress Mack to Patrick Mahomes at Kentucky Derby: ‘You Cost Me Millions’


Patrick Mahomes will wow anybody at any time as we learned once again after someone pointed out an insane fact about his current run.


JUST IN: NFL world reacts to insane Patrick Mahomes news

Patrick Mahomes has wowed NFL fans ever since he set foot in the league. When the Kansas City Chiefs moved up to draft Mahomes in 2017, they did so with high expectations. Mahomes has somehow found a way to surpass even the highest possible expectation anyone could have for him. In the last five seasons, Mahomes has won two NFL MVP awards, won two Super Bowls, and has been named Super Bowl MVP twice. If you think that’s insane, consider this: He still hasn’t been on the road in the AFC Championship.



JUST IN: NFL world reacts to insane Patrick Mahomes news

“I’m just thinking how crazy it is Patrick Mahomes still hasn’t played a road playoff game,” Mark Gunnels tweeted. “Five straight AFC Championship Games in Arrowhead. Just insane.”

Mahomes and the Chiefs have been the higher seed in every AFC Championship Game they’ve played in. They haven’t ever needed to travel to a seed higher than them because the Chiefs have either been the 1 seed or the 1 seed was eliminated before they could face them. It’s an absolutely impressive and insane run for anybody. To do it with the emphasis Mahomes and the Chiefs have done it with makes it even crazier.


JUST IN: NFL world reacts to insane Patrick Mahomes news

So at the end of the day, Patrick Mahomes will probably wow you with something insane. Whether or not the NFL season is in session. Chances are, that trend will continue as the years go by.

The NFL world reacted to the news.


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