Kansas City Receivers were Charged Unofficially With 5 Drops last Week

Kansas City receivers were charged unofficially with 5 drops last week, one of which resulted in a Pick-6, which kept the game within reach and eventually led to Kansas City’s downfall. While Kelce’s status is still unknown for Sunday, you can expect a bounce back game from the Chiefs resulting in a victory.

The Jaguars looked sloppy in their 1st outing in Indianapolis, only turning it around in the final quarter of action. While Ridley stood out with more than 100 yards receiving, the Jaguars will not be bailed out against Kansas City as they were last week. Mahomes is able to move the ball around the offense in a way that will put Jacksonville on its heels resulting in a Chiefs cove

With the possibility of Kelce being out again this week, the Chiefs will enter Sunday with the unanswered question of who will be Mahomes top guy. While he still has weapons, the Chiefs did not display enough last week to be comfortable with betting the Over. On the other side of the ball, Jacksonville will need to improve its sloppiness against a championship-winning KC defense which it has yet to prove its capabilities.


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