Kansas City vs. Baltimore game, Patrick Mahomes mentioned that he plans to retrieve the personalized shoe he used during the Buffalo Bills match and wear it for the upcoming Sunday game against Baltimore.so we can beat them they way we beat Buffalo Bills

There was a great deal of talk before, during and after Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs continued their playoff dominance over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in a tight 27-24 playoff win.

And following the Chiefs’ third playoff victory over the Bills in the last four seasons – and his first road win, mostly because the Chiefs are usually so good that their playoff games are staged at Arrowhead Stadium – Mahomes addressed his team in the visitors locker room at Highmark Stadium, delivering a sharp message before Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

“They asked for it, and they got what they asked for!” Mahomes said, before reminding his teammates that “this (bleep) ain’t done.”What did the Bills “ask for,” exactly? Really, nothing more than another chance to get over the K.C. hump. But the Chiefs can now claim they used that as inspiration as Mahomes made another point .

This week the Chiefs take on the top-seeded Ravens for the AFC title. This will be Kansas City’s sixth straight AFC Championship Game appearance, and they will be on the road again, in Buffalo.

Mahomes said after the Bills game that the Chiefs wanted to establish that they can win any time, any place. Buffalo won’t argue that … and now, with kickoff is set for 3 p.m. ET on CBS, Baltimore gets its turn to do so.