Kate Beckinsale rocks


Instagram has become a fascinating platform for celebrities to express themselves and interact with fans. As such, it can also sometimes be interesting to see the cultural differences that come with that as well.



For example, some members of the United Kingdom will use English words that aren’t quite as appreciated by those in the United States. Kate Beckinsale, who was born in Chiswick, London, United Kingdom, is an individual that just showed her fondness for one such word. In fact, Kate Beckinsale showed off a shirt via Instagram with the “c-word” on the front.



While the shirt is no doubt praised by fans, others might find it to be a tad inappropriate. In any case, Kate Beckinsale seems happy to be wearing it. And, to be fair, she looks great as always. She also included the following caption: Here’s the actual Instagram post where the shirt worn by beloved actress Kate Beckinsale – inappropriate for some – is completely in view:



It’s worth noting that there is a story behind the aforementioned shirt that further emphasizes its meaning. It was actually created by Bella Freud in a partnership with Sotheby’s. In particular, it commemorates the Colony Room Club, a hub for counterculture in London.



Many famous individuals have been connected to the club over the years. And, as the story goes, its owner was a lesbian woman named Muriel Belcher. Her greeting for everyone at the club was the same as that featured on the shirt. Therefore, Kate Beckinsale is actually paying tribute to London counterculture and Muriel Belcher.



Many others have been wearing the shirt as a result as well. So while the shirt might be offensive or inappropriate for those taking a quick glance, it actually has quite a deeper meaning to it. As such, it makes sense why so many are connecting with the shirt and buying their own.



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