KATE MIDDLETON’s popularity continues to soar – and she is into her tenth year as a member of the Royal Family.





The 39-year-old married university sweetheart Prince William in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Commentators note the many qualities she possesses as a future Queen, pointing to her stoicism and her impactful campaigning. ‘Kate: A Young Queen In Waiting’ is a new documentary shared on Real Royalty.




It includes views of different royal experts, such as Katie Nicholl, Vanity Fair correspondent, who has followed the Duchess of Cambridge’s journey.



Ms Nicholl has joined Kate during her campaign work, including in 2020 when the royal mum-of-three set her sights on improving the lives of children in their early years.




In June 2021, Kate launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.



The Duchess spent nine years looking into the manner in which experiences at a very early age influence behavioural patterns later in life.
These include addiction, family breakdown, poor mental health, suicide and homelessness.



And Ms Nicholl witnessed Kate visiting a children’s centre in Cardiff as part of the cause.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Just Shared a Rare Photo of Their


She told the documentary: “I was with Kate for a day in Cardiff when she was visiting a children’s centre.



“She really does have a natural affinity with young children. A bit like Prince Harry – whenever you were in a room with Harry and children he would just light up the room. And Kate’s the same.



“She just knows exactly how to be around little people. She forgets about the cameras, she’s not at all self-conscious, she gets down on her knees, she engages on an eye to eye level.”



The Royal Correspondent for Vanity Fair added: “It really struck me working with her, following her that day: this isn’t just a stop gap until the next project comes along. No this is her campaign for the rest of her life.



“It has taken time for her to find her feet but now she has really found this direction for not just now as the Duchess of Cambridge but for her future as the Princess of Wales and later as queen consort.”



Richard Kay, editor-at-large Daily Mail added: “The way Diana got down to a child’s level so she could look eye to eye with children, whereas royals up to that point would put their hand down and look down at children, and children would have to look up.”


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