Kelly Clarkson herself was taken aback this week when a promo shot for the upcoming series of NBC show “The Voice” appeared to show her with an unusually-large chest. The 38-year-old singer, reality judge, and talk show host took to Twitter when an image of her posing glamorously in a tight dress prompted her to zero in on her assets.



The blonde’s tweet has since gone viral, although this is likely more due to Kelly’s humorous words than the image itself.



On Thursday, “The Voice” posted a new photo of Kelly to its Instagram. It showed her posing against a powder blue wall and matching it in a high-neck, long-sleeved dress in a slightly darker shade. The satin number boasted some pleats below the waist and ruched details around the neck, also proving tight enough to showcase the 37 pounds that Kelly has dropped.



Admittedly, the image was showing a healthy-sized chest – at least for Kelly, there was an altered reality feel to it.Kelly chose Twitter over Instagram for her reaction – wise, given that the star has over 12 million Twitter followers.



“I feel like this is what I would look like with a b**b job Rolling on the floor laughing I don’t know why my chest looks enormous in this pic but thank you to the Universe for this one ha! Finally! Winking face with tongue I also feel like all I need is a cape and then I’m ready to save some civilians y’all!” she wrote. I thought the same thing lol.



The response to Kelly’s tweet was mostly fun, with fans clearly in the mood to join in over the “enormous” chest. One user went down the meme route, posting the now-iconic scene from “Friends” showing Joey Tribbiani admiring his sand-constructed bre-asts as he lies on a beach.



Elsewhere, though, Kelly was simply sent love. “You look gorgeous!No cape needed,you save people everyday w/ your music,your show& your dedication on helping people everywhere!You are Awesome!Star-struckHundred points symbolBlue heart,” one fan tweeted.



“The Voice” has also posted promo pics of the show’s other judges, including a joint shot with newcomer Nick Jonas.Kelly made headlines last year for appearing markedly slimmer and confessing to having lost an impressive 37 pounds.



Speaking to Hoda Kotb, Kelly revealed the reason behind her weight troubles, plus what had helped her shift the pounds. “I had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that started in 2006. I read this book, it’s called The Plant Paradox and it might not work for you but it worked wonders for me,” Kelly stated.



“For me, it wasn’t really [about] the weight—for me, it was that I’m not on my medicine anymore,” she added.Season 18 of “The Voice” premieres on February 24.


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